QSL/Contact Info

Where can you find me?

ABQ: 145.290 – New Mexico MegaLinkC4FM: US-Americalink YSF Reflector 32592
ABQ: 145.130 – Bernalillo Co ARESDSTAR: REF055
My Allstar Node: 52679WINLINK

Be aware that my Allstar node is always connected to the 146.850 repeater in Saint Louis, Missouri. While I have excellent coverage all over town at 25W, the best option for reaching me is via email or the 145.130 repeater.

My email address on QRZ is good too.

I also QSL via the following methods:

ELECTRONIC (usually uploaded at the end of the day)

  • eQSL.CC [AG]
  • LoTW
  • HRDLOG.net

I also submit to Club Log at the end of the month.

DIRECT (usually within 7-10 days)

  • Use the address information located on QRZ.COM
  • Please do not send a SASE with your card. I will 100% reply without the need for a SASE.


If you encounter any issues with the packet and/or RMS gateways, please reach out immediately and I’ll assist. The best way for initial contact is via email. Share your phone number and I will call you back from a 314 number.