HF RMS Gateway – VARA updated to 4.4.3 Stage 2

The Vara HF modem at NM5PB-11 has been updated to v4.4.3 Stage 2. The previous release version of VARA uses a 16-bit hash to resolve the callsign and this has a small but finite chance of getting the call wrong (One in 6553 error rate).  John Wiseman detected and reported a case he observed this happening. This is being changed to a 32-bit representation which will essentially eliminate the chance of this happening. The challenge is that the 16-bit code IS INCOMPATIBLE with the new 32-bit code and the reverse.

In order to ensure compatibility going forward, please make sure you are running Vara HF v.4.4.2 or better to minimize issues.

Please let me know via Winlink if you encounter any issues.