Setting up Outpost for ABQBBS

The following screenshots are from:

Outpost Packet Message Manager 

Newer versions of the program may be different.

When setting up Outpost, use the following screenshots as a guide. Your TNC name may be different depending on the model of TNC you are using. And your COM port may be different as well. 




The following should be mostly by default except for the BBS name and Connect Name show in the first image.

You may want to remove the checkmark for “Retrieve Bulletins”. The BBS usually has over 20 bulletins at any one time and the initial download for you may take some time.

The path screen will generally show 1/1 for the KA-NODE/Networm Access. The image below shows 2/2 because I have another connection configured unrelated to you setting up retrieval from ABQBBS.