STLBBS & BBDBBS Forwarding Enabled

I’m pleased to announce with the help of Paul/N0BBD, we have enabled and verified forwarding of messages between the St. Louis County BBS and the Franklin County BBS. Soon we will be testing Franklin County’s NTS message processing. Future notices on that will come out within the next week or so.

By enabling the two-way message exchange between the two boards, this will allow those folks that have stations in Franklin County to only have to worry about connecting to BBDBBS:N0BBD-1 directly or thru WASHMO:N0BBD-5 node. And users of STLBBS:N0ARS-1 will only need to worry about checking STLBBS.

This will help save a little bandwidth as those that can reach their respective bulletins boards/nodes don’t have to worry about traversing the network to get a message to its destination.

So anyone that resides in Franklin County, please add @N0BBD to their packet address. Example: xxxxxx@N0BBD is all you would need to place in the TO: field in Outpost or SP xxxxxx@N0BBD from the command line.

Same goes for getting messages to a St. Louis user. Use @N0ARS. Example: xxxxxx@N0ARS. You can use the additional HA addressing of .MO.USA.NOAM but there is no need to. The BBSs will process either without issue.

If you have a bulletin type message to post regarding anything ham related that needs to be shared with packet users within Franklin County AND Saint Louis County address those to @LOCAL as they will then be shared with users of both bulletin boards. Example: SB ARES@LOCAL or changing the message type to a bulletin in Outpost.

Some basic keywords for bulletins with @LOCAL might be:


If you create bulletins and drop the @LOCAL from the TO field (Example: SB ARES), the bulletin will reside only on the BBS that you created the message.

As always if you have any questions, please contact me.