The last 30 days of Winlink have been busy…

Finally getting a chance to go through the logs on the Winlink Gateways and looks to have been a very busy last 30 days with 549 messages passing thru the gateways!

13 unique VHF users

Messages to CMS: 109
Messages from CMS: 168


131 unique HF users

Messages to CMS: 31
Messages from CMS: 42

Messages to CMS: 75
Messages from CMS: 124

Looking at just the month of May for HF Modes:

Winmor Connections: 96
ARDOP Connections: 51
VARA HF: 144

Into June so far:
Winmor Connections: 46
ARDOP Connections: 20

It seems the user base is opting for VARA as the “mode of choice” looking at the stats so far. It will be interesting to see what happens when the VARA 4.0 upgrade goes into place at the end of the month.

I have received a couple of emails from regular users who asked “Are you going to move to VARA HF only?” The answer is, no. So long as their remains a free soundcard mode available (Winmor/ARDOP), I will offer that as an option for those hams that may not have the resources or desire to purchase a license.

Although I do actively encourage users to donate to the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation.