Update: Intro to EmComm Class, Book Out of Print

It was brought to my attention that the Introduction to Emergency Communications, 4th Edition book from ARRL is no longer available from the ARRL store.

I’ve been in touch with ARRL’s Emergency Preparedness staff and have the following update as of 2/2:

“I checked with our warehouse and we indeed have no copies in stock. I wish they had told that we were running low so I could order more to be printed but as it now stands I have made that requests and have to wait and see if they will print more, how many, and when they will be available. I will let you know as soon as I know something.”

Because class starts in a little over three weeks, I suspect the printing won’t be complete by then. We are still proceeding with the class. I will modify my handouts to include study material for the test.

Because the book is no longer available, I recommend making sure you can attend all of the classes in order to take full advantage of the classroom collaboration and discussions.

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