October is busy month for digital traffic

After parsing thru the logs for this months traffic report, it looks like October has been the busiest month of the year so far for the system. Not surprising with the various Simulated Emergency Tests the system supported as well as the local SAVE Exercise that St. Louis Metro ARES provided support for.

67 unique call signs connected to the HF Winmor Gateway with a total of 153 messages processed to and from Winlink via RMS. The bands that saw the most connections were:

145.070 MHz 59
7104.400 kHz 33
10145.500 kHz 28
14093.000 kHz 24
18108.000 kHz 9

By the end of November, I hope to also have the Pactor modem in place and sharing the workload with Winmor connections. Speeds supported will be P1-P3. As I keep track of the various frequencies that appear to be favored more than others, I will adjust the channels available to meet the needs of those connecting. If 17m usage continues to hold stagnant, I’ll likely opt for another 30m or 40m channel.