New Pacific Node Online


Node antenna is up on the arm.

The WASHMO:N0BBD-5 node has been relocated and reassigned to NIKE:KD0ZEA-5. The new location has amazing coverage from Pacific, MO. The location provides direct access to STLBBS in South St. Louis County allowing for a more efficient exchange of messages between to the two locations. It also provides Franklin County with a direct path to the node at the St. Louis County EOC.

We are waiting on Winlink Sysop approval for KD0ZEA in order to enable Packet 1200 RMS connections. With the STLEOC node, the CARS node in St. Louis City, and MSTLCO nodes able to reach each other via RF, it will provide much needed paths to multiple ISPs in case of localized Internet failure.

The packet stations at the local fire departments and hospitals will also be able to access the new node directly and would also give them access to Winlink mail as well.

Many thanks to everyone involved in making this a success!