Winlink/RMS Express Class Huge Success!

Communicators watching a high-level overview of the Winilnk system.

Communicators watching a high-level overview of the Winilnk system.

First of all, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for coming out on a such a gorgeous Saturday to spend some time inside learning about another tool to add to your communications toolbox.

I’ve finally had some time to sit down and go thru all the surveys and suggestions.


From the surveys, some key points are below along with additional comments:


More Advanced Topics
Already in progress with more advanced features of RMS Express that we might use in an emergency scenario. Its a matter of free time now to organize a presentation. With the upcoming EC-001 class in March, simplex exercise the first weekend in April and a Planning Committee meeting the weekend after that, my next six Saturdays are pretty much booked.


A class on Packet Radio
I have thought about this and the best way to go about it. It has been in the back of my mind for a while and does provide a crucial link into the local RMS network for folks.

I felt it to be more of a priority to get people involved and exposed to the RMS Express program first and then build on that with the additional connection methods at a later date.

This will most likely be the next class to be taught in order to build on what you’ve already been exposed to. Look for this class sometime around June. Perhaps the 11th. That would be two weeks prior to the on-air demos at Field Day.
Keep an eye on the website for more details.


Oddly enough, there was a handout. The CD. On that CD you will find in the “Video” directory three videos. One is the first one we watched describing the overall Winlink/RMS system. Another is the second video that we watched that covers the forms, retrieval, installation, and setting up your favorites. And the third video goes over the ICS-213 form and how to use it.

Keep in mind the videos were made a while ago so the ICS-213 video may not look identical to the most recent form you have installed.

Also on that CD is the 107 page WL2K FAQ PDF file. Due to its size and the cost of the class, I’ll leave that one up to you to print out.


On-Air Demos (HF & VHF)
A great idea! A little hard to do within the confines of a hospital meeting room. But…

…I got to thinking about an upcoming opportunity to meet this suggestion. And its worth 100 points!

Come on out to the St. Louis Metro ARES Field Day site at Jefferson Barracks Park and take part in this Educational Activity and we’ll go over both the HF and VHF methods of using Winlink. We will do VHF Packet, HF Winmor, and HF Pactor modes.

Stay tuned for more formal class/demo times during Field Day.